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Earthquakes and Fracking

The Big one is coming, so they say. Every year we hear talk about the big earthquake that we are overdue for coming to California. The San Andreas fault line, one of the largest in the world has been under watch by scientists for many decades in hopes of predicting the big earthquake before it is too late. Just this week, many small tremors have been found deep under the ground and a new fault line was discovered.

These small tremors have made scientists nervous as the big earthquake can sink half of California. No one knows the reason for these tremors but every year they seem to be getting worse and worse. We can only pinpoint this to one reason- fracking. Fracking has been causing immense destruction to both the environment and the Earth below us. We do not see the damage done underneath the fracking sites as the damage cannot be see with the naked eye. With each fracking drill, the ground beneath us is being compromised causing weaknesses in the Earth’s mantle. This is a reason enough to warned on the dangers of fracking.

Earthquakes in the year 2016 have been more than any other year and it is in 2016 that fracking has picked up. We found the largest increase in fracking wells in 2016 than ever before. It is more important than ever before to lobby your government representative to stop fracking once and for all and to use only conventional extraction techniques to get the oil we need.

Heating Your Home Using Natural Gas

Heating your home these days has never been easier using natural gas. It may be easy to use and set up a natural gas furnace but do you really know the consequence on the environment? Fracking in Ontario has been a huge problem as most of the natural gas supplied to Toronto homes come from fracking.  As Toronto and the surrounding areas have rich water resources, we must ensure that they are protected for future generations.  You should talk to your furnace repair company to ensure your natural gas is from a source that does not use fracking.It is possible to get natural gas from the ground where there is a strong pressure. Usually fracking is used in natural gas wells which have already been depleted and the small remaining quantities wish to be extracted.

Instead of using natural gas that could have potentially come fracking, you should try to switch to heating that uses geothermal energy. Toronto Brampton Vaughan HVAC, a company that specialises in heating and cooling, told us that geothermal is the best method to heat your home if you are concerned about the environment. Many people do not use geothermal heating because of the high costs associated with the setup. The HVAC company also works with the government and can provide geothermal set-up grants that can greatly reduce the capital investment required. Geothermal energy has no negative impact on the environment and it provides an excellent return on investment. This is the reason why governments are promoting this use of energy. Here is a link to find geothermal energy grants in your province.

Fracking and Raising Livestock

We all know that fracking affects the ground water and contaminates our drinking water but have we ever thought about what happens to livestock? Cattle and lamb farmers in Templeton, California have complained that their animals are refusing to drink water from nearby streams. This is no surprise to us but the farmers had no clue as to what was going  on. One farmer told us that his animals were turning a sickly colour and refused to even eat. Once we gave them freshwater that we had trucked in, they started eating the grass outside. It is time for us to think about not only ourselves but of the animals that drink from the water. We are at the top of the food chain and any contaminants that are built up in livestock eventually get into us. One farmer in Toronto that is voicing his opposition to fracking is linked below in the image.

halal meat torontocalifornia cattlemen association

Stop Fracking The Earth Up

In the fracking process, millions of gallons of water mixed with sand and chemicals are injected into the earth. This creates many problems for the animals living near the wells as their ecosystem is destroyed. The water which the animals drink from is also contaminated. Why do do fracking companies use such expensive methods to extract natural guys? The simple answer is that because the price of oil is high, expensive extraction techniques make it worthwhile. Oil companies may be making profits but it is always the poor and individuals that suffer.

I talked to Toronto Vaughan Landscaping, a landscaping expert in Toronto who has helped clean up fracking sites before. He stated,”Fracking is a huge problem in North America. It is important for people to raise awareness and encourage others to protest against other fracking drill sites from being built.” He also stated that,” Once the toxins enter the ground, they are never coming back out. Over the years these toxins will seep into our ground water and will appear in our drinking water; what will we then do?” I asked him about the landscaping work required to clean up a fracking site. He told me that it takes a lot of work and it is similar to that of cleaning up a gas station. All the dirt must be removed and environmental scientists must come in and test the soil.

On the way back to my home I thought for a moment about how cancer rates have gone up. Maybe this has to do with the toxins in our water? We will never know until scientists get the funding needed to do a study. Below is the link of the company we have talked to.

Vaughan Landscaping


Electricity Production and the Environment

70 percent of electricity in Canada is generated from coal-burning power plants-some of which were built during the previous administration. Through a loophole in the federal law, these dirty plants have been “grandfathered” from the air pollution controls required by the Clean Air Act for new power plants. These old plants “legally” pollute the air at rates two to 13 times higher than new plants with modern emissions controls.

This pollution problem has been exaserbated in recent years because Wisconsin utilities have drastically reduced their comittment to energy efficiency. Between 1992 and 1997, they reduced their combined investment in energy efficiency programs by a shocking 64%.


How can You make A difference with The Environment

You can make a difference right in your own home. By installing 10 compact fluorescent light bulbs, replacing an old refrigerator and replacing old, single-glazed windows keeps a combined 12 tons of CO2 out of the air each year.

Where do We stand?

Why do we let our environment be destroyed? Fracking has been a growing industry in the United States and Canada ever since oil prices started going up. The question is, does the reward of fracking outweigh the environmental damage it causes. Fracking causes major damage to both water and air. It also disrupts the natural habitats of animals and plants. We must put and end to this and all environmental degradation that happens. We are living in a closed system in that we are stuck on the Earth we live on. The more we damage it, the more problems we will be creating for the future generations.

Every animal, plant and rock has a reason for existence, and humans are interdependent with the rest of the environment. Balance and harmony with nature are required for our continued survival. Environmental Alternatives actively promotes recycling, reuse and a caring environmental stewardship philosophy.

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